Always donate for Nisvaarth Bhaav

Compassion Unbounded, Care Unlimited

Always donate for Nisvaarth Bhaav

Empowering Lives, Enriching Futures

Always donate for Nisvaarth Bhaav

Where Love Knows No Boundaries

Educating Poor

Nisvaarth Bhaav: Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders Through Education. Join us in brightening the futures.

Food For

Nisvaarth Bhaav: Ensuring Food Security for All. Join us in our mission to provide nourishment to those in need.

Join To Serve

Join "Nisvaarth Bhaav" NGO: Unite to Serve Humanity. Let's come together to make our society a better place.

Welcome to Nisvaarth Bhaav

Helping each other can make world better

Welcome to Nisvaarth Bhaav, a non-profit organization committed to serving humanity through selfless acts of charity and care. Founded with a vision to uplift the lives of those in need, regardless of their background, our mission is rooted in compassion and solidarity. We strive to provide essential support and services to underprivileged communities, fostering hope and resilience across society.

At Nisvaarth Bhaav, we believe in the transformative power of collective goodwill. Through dedicated efforts in healthcare, education, community development, and social welfare, we aim to create a positive impact that transcends boundaries. Our journey is driven by the values of empathy, integrity, and inclusivity, ensuring that every individual receives the care they deserve.

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Are you passionate about creating positive change in the world? Do you believe in the power of compassion and community? Join us at Nisvaarth Bhaav and become a volunteer! There are many ways to get involved as a volunteer at Nisvaarth Bhaav.

Make a difference in the lives of children in need by sending them a gift through Nisvaarth Bhaav. Your generosity can bring smiles, laughter, and hope to children who may be facing challenging circumstances.

Recently asked questions

Become a Volunteer We Need to Make

Becoming a volunteer isn’t just about giving back to your community. It’s also about learning new skills, making lifelong friends and being a part of the world’s biggest humanitarian network striving for a safe and peaceful world.

Fundraising Volunteers

* Assist the foundation in seeking donations from individuals, corporations, Trusts, High Net Worth Individuals etc.
* Introduce the cause to brand/marketing managers who may be keen to build partnerships with a cause-related marketing program.
* Organize donation campaigns in large corporate premises.
* Suggest ideas to develop fundraising events / connect to event organizers that can help maximize income for Nisvaath Bhaav India.
* Suggest ways to raise funds to grant more wishes.

Brand/Marketing Volunteers

* Suggest ways to establish Nisvaarth Bhaav as a top-of-the-mind brand in the charity sector.
* Suggest ways and mechanisms to execute marketing programs that increase brand identity and brand awareness..
* Develop brand awareness tools and collaterals.

Communication Volunteers

Expertise in the following areas:
* Google Ad Words.
* Social media.
* Digital marketing.
* Campaigns to help acquire funds online (crowdfunding) to grant wishes.
* Introduce the cause to like-minded Radio and TV partners.
* Making communication material like newsletters, and brochures.
* SEO analytics, guide to improve online visibility..

Internships/College Volunteers

We welcome interns from professional courses and college youth who wish to volunteer for a short span of time.

These assignments are of short duration and thus it becomes even more challenging for us to ensure that in a short period we give you the right exposure to the work we do as a charity organization.

Given the above, please send an email to Avtar Singh at with your resume, date block when you wish to intern, and location. Please note we do not provide any stipend/lodging/boarding support during this period.